Tuesday 21 May 2019

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Frenchay is the University of the West of England’s largest campus and caters for over 2,000 resident students. In October 2008, the University of the West of England (UWE) purchased a 70 acre (28.3 hectare) site from its neighbour Hewlett Packard, with the aim of expanding its existing Frenchay campus (80 acres / 32.4ha) to accommodate teaching facilities from Fishponds and Bower Ashton.

The enlarged campus is to be remodelled to provide a more attractive living and learning environment for students and visitors. The details are contained within a masterplan for the site, based on South Gloucestershire’s Concept Statement format, setting out the key principles of development.

The University is the largest provider of higher education in the south-west of England and generates approximately £400m pa expenditure in the local economy, thus playing a central role in the local and wider area.

As part of the masterplanning process, the University has identified an undeveloped area of 9.3 hectares which has the benefit of planning permission for office development. Potential uses for this site were considered, but it has subsequently been identified as an ‘opportunity site’ with the uses to be determined.

It is part of this ‘opportunity site’ that has been identified for a new stadium by Bristol Rovers Football Club. The ‘UWE Stadium’, as it will be called, will be developed in a spirit of partnership between the University and Bristol Rovers, albeit privately financed.

The proposed stadium is well located in relation to the strategic road network and access to public transport. The development offers opportunities to share car parking with UWE (as a replacement for the main staff and student car park, east of Coldharbour Lane. The site also allows for overflow parking to use other UWE car parks) and for the stadium to house teaching rooms, facilitate internships and to provide facilities such as a gym and social spaces that will be available for use by the wider community. In providing these uses the stadium will assist in adding much needed social and cultural facilities to the area.

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UWE stadium site location UWE Stadium Site Location